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Effective Classroom and Network Management Tools
for the 21st Century School

With increasingly sophisticated systems now impacting on every aspect of school life there is a growing need for IT staff, managers and administrators to get to grips with the technology that surrounds them. For 22 years NetSupport has been providing educators with the tools they need to effectively manage and support their IT infrastructure.

NetSupport DNA
IT Asset Management

Without a comprehensive asset management program IT resources can become a drain on your overall budget. NetSupport DNA helps you recover costs by providing in real-time a snapshot of your entire IT infrastructure, helping you identify redundant assets and make informed decisions about the rollout of new technology.

NetSupport DNA is a complete modular solution that delivers best-of-breed Hardware & Software Inventory and License Management - vital information if purchasing decisions are to be made from an entirely informed position. Add to this Application and Internet Metering, Software Distribution, an eco-friendly Energy Monitor component and web-based Incident Management and thereís never been a better time to see how NetSupport DNA can save your school money and time.

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Complete Classroom Management for the multi-platform school
NetSupport recognizes that today's students have access to a wide range of technology. That's why we ensure teachers have the tools to effectively engage and interact with their students in a Mac, Linux or Windows environment by providing a choice of classroom management solutions.

NetSupport School
The established market leader for classroom management in a Windows environment

Classroom Management products are often perceived as being a teacher’s tool - a single application aimed at delivering greater control and interaction with students within an IT lab.

NetSupport School certainly includes all the features you would expect from a leading Classroom Management solution - internet and application monitoring, printer management, real-time presentation tools and recently introduced, a totally unique Language Lab mode delivering an innovative link between Audio and Visual monitoring.

However, what sets the product apart are the additional features it provides, at no extra cost, that benefit the whole institution. The unique Technician’s Console makes the management of your IT infrastructure a far easier task. Not only can you see real-time thumbnails of all connected computers but also which teachers are connected to students within each room. You can take full remote control of any PC that requires attention and perform an instant Hardware/Software Inventory.

NetSupport School also helps management teams in their efforts to raise standards and monitor achievement. The Instant Survey tool and innovative Test Designer help provide a continuous assessment of learning, digital Student Journals contain a reminder of vital lesson content while the ability to prepare Lesson Plans and set target objectives in advance saves hours of preparation time.

“All our users are very pleased with NetSupport School.
Many have become experts and take advantage of all the features.”
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NetSupport Assist
Supporting the next generation of Mac and Linux classrooms

NetSupport Assist combines whole class monitoring and real-time presentation tools with powerful remote control features, enabling you to engage and interact with your students, as a group or individually.

NetSupport Assist Key Features:
  • Real-time Instruction Tools
  • Student Register
  • Real-time Thumbnail View
  • Remote Power Management
  • Powerful Student Surveys
  • View / Control Student Screens
  • Application Metering
  • Internet Metering and Control
  • Group or 1:1 Chat Facility
  • Full Wireless Suppor

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Complementary solutions for education:

NetSupport Notify
Desktop Alerting

NetSupport Notify is a simple and effective solution for communicating urgent or routine alerts and notifications across your network.

Recent high profile incidents at campuses in the US have heightened awareness across educational sites of the need for adequate internal alerting and messaging systems. Getting round the immediacy issues of more traditional options such as E-mail, Instant Messenger and Intranets, NetSupport Notify delivers attention-grabbing alerts straight to a userís desktop that canít be skipped, ignored or saved for later.

Administrators can deliver within seconds a clear and concise message and instruction to all connected computers or specific departments across the schoolís network. Each message can carry a priority level and a request for acknowledgement. The delivered message automatically takes screen focus on recipient computers and can be accompanied by an audible alert. Messages can be fully branded to include the logo and colors of your school to ensure immediate recognition by staff and students.

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NetSupport Protect
Desktop Security

With IT labs having to cater for a continual stream of students, it is no easy task to ensure the permanent availability of a consistent and secure configuration across your school PCs.

NetSupport Protect provides a simple, inexpensive and easy-to-implement answer. A proactive solution that negates the need to purchase expensive repair-based products, NetSupport Protect ensures your PCs canít be harmed by unwanted or malicious changes to the configuration or content. Presented in a simple and intuitive interface, system control can be configured in minutes and allows either individual or central control of security settings. NetSupport Protect prevents users from deleting critical files and applications, making unauthorized changes to the desktop, saving or using unauthorized programs and harming the operating system. As an added fail-safe measure, the product also includes an integrated hard disk protection and rollback option so you can always recover your system to a specific point in time.

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NetSupport ServiceDesk
ITIL Helpdesk

Available to purchase as either a standalone solution or as part of the full NetSupport DNA Asset Management suite, NetSupport ServiceDesk lets your helpdesk take control of incoming user requests for service - helping you organize, prioritize and respond to incidents in a timely manner. Web-based and fully compliant with ITIL best practice standards, NetSupport ServiceDesk requires no software pre-installation, making it easily integrated into your existing IT infrastructure and instantly accessible by your user community.

Staff and teachers can log incidents online, review current status in real time and even search for an answer before logging a request, while real-time status reports help you gauge the effectiveness of the service being provided.

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