72,000 Organizations manage over 9 million computers each day with NetSupport Manager Remote Control... Coincidence?

Historically, Remote Control and PC Management software focused on removing the need for support staff to physically visit a remote users PC to resolve technical issues.
Consequently, users receive a quicker response, resulting in less down time of critical applications. However, organizations now require multi-tasking solutions that offer effective economies of scale and that can perform a broad range of functions, which traditionally would have required multiple applications to have been used. Emphasis is now placed not just on providing more efficient technical support but also in simplifying management tasks and in offering secure remote and mobile working possibilities.

NetSupport Manager combines powerful Multi-platform PC remote control with advanced desktop management functionality leading to one of the fastest levels of ROI available on the market today, specifically in improving user productivity, customer satisfaction and organizational flexibility.

With in excess of 9 million systems worldwide supported by NetSupport technology and over 21 years development, NetSupport Manager is a proven solution for any environment.

Without a doubt, the vast majority of IT workers would gladly welcome a feature-rich and easy to use remote control solution, but their Accounting Department or CFO may have reservations. According to independent research from Gartner, the estimated cost to manually support 2,500 desktops over a three-year period at best would be greater than $650,000, at worst $5.5 million. This is based on the number, complexity and types of calls and the time needed to address each call. It does not include costs of dispatching technicians, user downtime, and the salaries of support personnel. Judging from these numbers alone, it should be obvious that there is a significant ROI in deploying remote control software that plays a key role in ensuring that an organization’s critical IT infrastructure has high availability and granular manageability.

With NetSupport Manager, Network administrators are able to obtain a real-time view of the hardware and software installed on target workstations at the click of a button. A hardware report is an excellent planning tool when it comes to determining if particular machines are able to run updated operating systems and applications, while a software report is invaluable in tracking software licenses. If an organization has over-purchased licenses, they can drop some support and renewal contracts. If they have under-purchased, they can purchase additional licenses and obtain peace of mind that they are safe from any type of software audit and accompanying possible legal actions

Recognizing that one of the most important credentials for a Remote Support tool is its ‘security considerations’, NetSupport Manager includes everything from simple password protection through to integration with NT Security, Active Directory and 256 bit AES encryption. Record and Replay remote sessions for audit purposes. You can even profile individual Control users and Client workstations to provide different security levels and capabilities.

For those organizations with non-standard security considerations, NetSupport Manager offers Smartcard support - any Smartcard login performed on the Control PC is re-directed and applied on the Client PC.

By implementing an effective remote support tool, organizations can expect to see:

  • Reduced costs for supporting client desktops
  • Reduced costs of server administration
  • Increased productivity gains by providing more reliable systems, faster and more secure technical support with less downtime
  • Increased productivity gains from telecommuters and remote workers
  • Improve staff moral
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What do our Customers think:

"NetSupport Manager has been a fantastic solution because it has very minimal demand of system resources, extreme flexibility for supporting from several locations and a great set of features for identifying system issues on the remote machines, specifically the Inventory component which helps us monitor hardware and installed software."
InsuringAmerica inc

"We needed a product that enabled us to remotely connect to any PC within Papio-Missouri NRD regardless of its location or type of connection (which includes our roaming workforce who use laptops and netbooks) to provide technical support to anyone within the district. We needed something fast and reliable as with previous solutions we constantly had connectivity issues. Thanks to NetSupport Manager we have been able to support all sites in the district remotely saving us time and money by not having to physically visit the sites." - Papio-Missouri Natural Resource District
“We have been using NetSupport for many years and find it very reliable. NetSupport Manager saves me time when used with Remote Access VPN to fix problems from my home office. The total saved time to me is tens of hours in travelling to site to sort issues.” - Terram Ltd

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Complete your Network Management toolkit with
NetSupport DNA - A Fresh Approach to IT Asset Management

IT assets account for the largest proportion of the overall IT spending, therefore, ensuring they are properly managed and maintained becomes one of the highest priority corporate goals for any organization where TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is high on the agenda.

NetSupport DNA is a modular solution that delivers Hardware and Software Inventory and License Management. It features detailed and fully customisable Alerting, Application and Internet Metering / Usage Control and Software Distribution. NetSupport DNA now also provides an integrated communication gateway allowing secure interaction with your assets, anywhere, over the internet without the need for a VPN or changes to your existing network or firewall configuration.

With an innovative Energy Monitoring tool helping to highlight areas of potential energy wastage across an organization’s computers, full AD integration and an optional web-based Helpdesk & Incident Management component, there has never been a better time to see how NetSupport DNA can save you money and time.

"Energy monitoring is one of those features that I never knew I needed but I'm glad NetSupport DNA includes. What makes this interface so cool is that I can look at energy consumption during work hours and also during non-work hours."


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