Setting Up NetSupport School version 4.50 to 10.01 to run in a Microsoft Terminal Server environment
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It is possible to use NetSupport School/Inform 4.50 to 10.01 to Control Microsoft Terminal Server clients. This is done by running an instance of the NetSupport School/Inform Student as an Application in each Terminal server session. The NetSupport Student is configured to listen on a different TCP port in each terminal server session.

Note: To configure NetSuport School version 10.50 and above installations to run in a Microsoft Terminal Server Environment please see TD128


Terminal Server Setup
If you are using Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server or you have already installed and setup your terminal server please skip to the next section.

To install Terminal Services on a Windows 2000 Server perform the following at the Server:

Go to {Start}{Programs}{Administration Tools}{Configure Your Server}{Application Server} and select "Terminal Services".
Choose all of the default options.
Restart the Server if prompted.

To install Terminal Services on a Windows 2003 Server perform the following at the Server:

Go to {Start}{Programs}{Administration Tools}{Configure your Server Wizard}.
Choose all of the default options, then highlight "Terminal Server",
Continue to choose the default options, then Terminal Server will begin installing.
Restart the Server if prompted. 

Configuring NetSupport School/Inform for Terminal server

NetSupport have provided a setup program that will configure the NetSupport Manager product to run as an Application in each terminal server session. This configuration program creates all the required configuration files and sets the NetSupport Manager Client to start when a user logs on to a terminal services session.

To configure NetSupport School/Inform for Terminal services

  1. Install NetSupport School on the Terminal server using the release setup.exe file that can be downloaded from our web site at
  2. Once NetSupport School/Inform is installed, Download the Terminal_Server_config.exe file from the link at the bottom of this document.
  3. Run the Terminal_Server_config.exe on the Terminal server.
  4. When Prompted enter the first TCP/IP Port Number and the Number of Terminal server sessions you want to support.
  5. When the installation is complete NetSupport School/Inform ins ready for use with Terminal services.

Connecting to a NetSupport Student running in a Terminal server session.

NetSupport School/Inform version 8.00 or later

For NetSupport School/Inform version 8.00 additional configuration options have been added to the NetSupport School/Inform Tutor to work with terminal services Students.

To connect to terminal services Students

  1. Start the NetSupport Tutor and from the school menu select configuration.
  2. Select Connectivity and press the Settings Button in the browsing section.
  3. Press the add button to add a new broadcast address. Then press the Advanced button.
  4. Select the Terminal services option and enter the IP Address of the terminal server and the TCP port range used.
  5. Press the OK Button to save the changes.
  6. Once the Terminal server address has been added NetSupport School/Inform can be used as normal to connect to or browse for Students

For NetSupport School/Inform versions Prior ro Version 8.00

In the NetSupport Tutor go to {School}{Configuration}{General Tab}{At Startup Section} specify the IP address of the Terminal Server and the TCP/IP port numbers of your NetSupport Clients to browse for at startup.
There are various different ways of specifying which TCP/IP port numbers to Browse for at startup these are listed below:,5005 would connect to clients at and would connect to clients at, 5001, 5002,5003, 5004 and 5005.

It is also possible to string combinations together:,6000-6010,7000-7010.

If you require any further assistance please contact NetSupport Technical Support
Applicable Product(s) : NSS 10.01 ,NSS 9.04 ,NSS 9.00 ,NSS 8.50 ,NSS 8.02 ,NSS 8.01 ,NSS 8.00 ,NSS 7.50 ,NSS 7.00 ,NSS 7.01 ,NSS 4.50 ,NSS 4.50 ,NSS 5.00 ,NSS 5.01 ,NSS 6.00 ,
Applicable Operating System(s) :, Windows 2000, Windows 2003
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