Recent figures from a Spiceworks survey show that full-time IT staff work longer hours than the standard 40-hour American work week, with respondents saying they work around 52 hours per week on average. 

With a high workload combined with not enough IT staff being reported as one of the key issues, IT managers need to look at solutions to make IT tasks more efficient and effective.

According to The Guardian, working long hours not only increases stress, decreases job satisfaction, and causes general unhappiness, but also leads to a higher turnover of staff and increased risk for organisations as more IT-related mistakes are likely to be made. Additionally, IT staff may struggle to find the time to look at important forward-looking solutions if they are constantly fire fighting.

Helping IT technicians save time whilst increasing effectiveness, NetSupport DNA provides a complete overview of all IT assets and activity within the organisation. Building on its already-comprehensive hardware and software inventories and licence management modules, the latest release introduces a range of proactive features such as device auto-discovery, endpoint security, proactive alerting, application and internet metering, print monitoring, energy power management, mobile inventory plus much more. It’s designed to save enterprises time and money − whilst increasing productivity, ensuring reliability and adding security to their IT systems.