For large enterprises, keeping track of software use can be an arduous task: where it is installed, who is using it, which systems it is installed upon – and more. The task is often made even more difficult as each vendor has its own different rules for compliant software use, reports Computerworld.

It is not just a concern for large corporations or businesses though; SMEs also need to know exactly what software they have and how it is being used, so that they too can remain compliant and not breach the terms of their licence contracts. What’s more, increased awareness of their licensing use means they can begin to make savings – by avoiding unnecessary spending on new licences, when under-used existing licences could be redeployed instead.

NetSupport DNA’s Software Licensing module can help businesses keep a handle on their software use. It supports the ongoing management of all software licences for each department – and, in addition, records suppliers; purchase and invoice details; department or cost centre allocation and tracks maintenance contracts; as well as storing PDF copies of any supporting documents.