As highlighted by Talk Business, when current growth strategies are exhausted, companies need to look elsewhere to increase profits, including reviewing outgoing costs.

Greening your business

Aside from becoming more environmentally friendly, going green will reduce your energy costs. You may find it quite surprising how much potential energy wastage there is across your organisation by computer systems that are left powered on out of business hours. The Energy Monitoring and Power Management feature in NetSupport DNA highlights this. It can allow organisations to schedule selected departments to automatically power off at a specified time at the end of each day and then power back on the next morning. If users are working late, they can simply delay the shut-down until they are finished.

Greater efficiency

Time is money. By undertaking tasks more efficiently, more can be achieved – creating a more productive workforce. NetSupport DNA helps IT technicians save time by providing all IT asset information in one place. It also proactively scans the system for new devices, saving IT teams’ time in manually looking for them. Built for ease of use, no training is needed to use DNA, as its clear, intuitive interface allows users to find and understand information with ease.

Rein in spending

All business pay for things they don’t need – identify these and you’ve found your money pit. Making this task simple, NetSupport DNA highlights how many software licences your company has and identifies PCs with software that has no or low usage – enabling you to make a realistic prediction of future software investment and reduce software overspend.