NetSupport has just released an update to the NetSupport School Chrome Student, which is now available from the Chrome Web Store.

Teachers can now launch, manage and control websites and web activity on student Chromebooks and close tabs that they are viewing which are not relevant to the lesson – perfect for keeping everyone on track.

There are also a number of enhancements including:

  • improved connectivity for Chromebooks running on battery power – for fewer interruptions in lessons
  • password-protected ‘Options’ setting on student Chromebooks  – for extra security
  • centrally manage NetSupport School settings from the Google Admin Console* – to save time.

NetSupport School offers both a Tutor app for Chrome OS as well as a Student extension for installation on each device, delivering a perfect solution for a Chromebook-only classroom as well as compatibility for a Windows teacher to manage Chromebooks.

Download here from the Chrome Web Store


*Available for organisations using “Google Apps for Domains”.