The popularity of tablet devices has increased rapidly since the release of the first iPad in 2010 – offering consumers an additional, flexible option to communicate, use the internet and stream music or videos.

The figures for tablet adoption have grown year on year and the trend is predicted to continue, with Ofcom estimating that that the figures for tablet ownership in 2016 will reach 74 percent for 16-35 year olds; 74 percent for 35-54 year olds; and 44 percent for the age group 55 and above.

It is therefore no surprise that the education sector has also seen a rapid rise in the number of tablets being employed in schools, particularly as they give teachers increased options for lesson delivery and the opportunity for students to learn with touch-screen technology.

NetSupport School caters perfectly for tablet use in the classroom – whether iOS or Android – delivering the freedom for a teacher to move around the room while still being able to monitor and interact with their students.