Some teachers are still struggling to harness the benefits of classroom technology, according to a new report.

The document, titled “Can technology genuinely reduce teacher workload?” reveals that 45 per cent of teachers say that repeated inputting of data into systems significantly adds to their workload.

The report highlights the fact that certain repetitive tasks (such as taking registers and marking tests) can be automated to save teachers’ time – but, in many cases, schools either do not have or use these features. In addition, a lack of IT training coupled with the requirement to use technology daily in lessons, leads to workplace stress.

Classroom management solution, NetSupport School, can help teachers to save time with its powerful and accessible Student Registration feature – as well ensuring they can set tests to be automatically marked as soon as they are completed. The product has been developed with input from teachers, meaning that many of NetSupport School’s features are available with one-click functionality; thereby reducing the technology burden for educators.