NetSupport has today released an update to IT Asset Management solution, NetSupport DNA.

Organisations can now set more detailed Power Management policies. PCs can be set to automatically power off at a specified time at the end of each day and then power back on – all at once, or in stages – the next morning. In addition, “inactivity policies” can be applied, allowing rules to be set for systems to be set to sleep, log out or power down if they have been inactive over a certain period of time.

The is also an enhancement to the Endpoint Security feature where, in addition to limiting USB access and approving memory sticks, organisations can now authorise them for a set time period such as a day or week or indefinitely – thereby removing the need to remember to revoke rights.

NetSupport DNA’s Safeguarding module now allows schools to control the activity that keyword and phrase monitoring occurs on (i.e. typing text, copy text to a clipboard or search on the internet), helping to focus on areas of risk and reduce false alarms. A new safeguarding resource centre has also been introduced where students can access relevant external online resources and helplines in their chosen country.