Organisations need to do more protect company data by securing their endpoints, according to a new study, reports ITPRO.

A survey carried out by security firm Code42 has revealed that 30 per cent of IT decision makers are unsure of whether they have any active endpoint data security measures in place – despite the majority knowing the risks that end-users can expose the organisation to through poor security.

Organisations can help plug this gap with NetSupport DNA, which provides a simple and effective solution for managing the use of USB memory sticks to help maintain the security of the network.

The use of memory sticks can be controlled across the entire enterprise (or just for specific departments), and can be set to allow full access, block all access, allow read-only or prevent applications being run.

Alternatively, individual memory sticks can be “authorised” in NetSupport DNA – for the current day, a week or indefinitely – and the use of sticks in the organisation can also be limited to only those authorised.