All employers want their staff to be as productive as possible. However, many employees do waste time throughout the day – either because of the choices they make or because they do not have the correct tools at their disposal to do their job, reports Talk Business Magazine.

There are measures that employers can put in place to maximise employee efficiency that are easily implemented. Obvious wins are to keep meetings concise and to ensure employees are properly trained to carry out their roles and have the right equipment to do so.

NetSupport DNA not only helps organisations manage their IT assets, but it can help them improve productivity via its software application metering module. Employers can help everyone to do their jobs efficiently by ensuring software licences are assigned to the right users and aren’t renewed for those without a requirement to have them.

It can also help to channel down time – where employees are looking at social media, for example – into a set period over lunchtime by restricting access to such sites during core working hours and allowing their use between 12 and 2pm.