We all know that schools are being run more like businesses, so what does IT Asset Management bring to schools and how can it help?

Companies use IT Asset Management (ITAM) solutions to keep an eye on all of the hardware and software used by their systems and employees. These solutions help manage the lifecycle of, let’s say, a desktop PC, from when it’s bought by the company to when it becomes outdated or no longer usable and is disposed of.

IT technicians use ITAM solutions to see where the different pieces of hardware are located within their organisation. 


Amongst other things, they can:

  • remotely run reports to find out the configuration of a device or see what software is installed on it and whether it is running current or outdated licences;
  • see how their printers are being used and set restrictions;
  • set up alerts for warning situations (such as disk space running low);
  • automatically distribute software;
  • and they can calculate their how much energy their technology uses – then set up a policy to switch devices off out of hours.

In your role, you can see how this could be useful for schools too, to not only look after your software, but your budgets as well…

NetSupport has created an education edition of NetSupport DNA to help you manage and maintain school technology through its life. It’s clear and logical interface means it’s really easy to see the information it delivers for you.

As soon as you’ve installed it, NetSupport DNA gets to work; automatically discovering and listing devices on the school network. And because many of its functions are automated (such as delivering warning alerts), the program actively helps technicians keep the school’s systems running smoothly – and saves them time (not to mention minimising downtime for staff and students).

So, we’ve mentioned you can save time and you can save money. What’s not to like?!

Find out more here: http://www.netsupportdna.com/education/benefits.asp