Fact: schools use printers. A lot.

On top of this, student printing can also mount up, meaning schools can face huge bills for paper and printer cartridges.

So unless your school has implemented a printing policy, there’s a significant chance your print costs could be well out of control!

NetSupport DNA (Education edition) will show you exactly where your print costs are being generated. Of course, there’ll be areas where a high volume of print is expected – but DNA can often reveal surprise figures, allowing you to investigate and find out the reasons why.

The software lets you define costs for printing (black and white or colour) either across all printers or against each different one – and even monitor ink levels on SNMP-enabled network printers.[[READ_MORE]]

This is how it works:

Firstly, you set the average costs per page for black and white and colour printing to provide the basis for DNA to make its calculations.

Secondly, select which printers you want to include (or exclude) for monitoring purposes.

Finally, once it has this information, NetSupport DNA will collect the data from the networked printers and display the results to you clearly in a pie chart. You can then drill down to the detail in the lists underneath – and investigate excessive printing as necessary!

There’s more technical info on setting up printer monitoring here: Click here