You don’t have to chain up your school’s technology to keep your students safe from online dangers…

With NetSupport DNA’s Safeguarding module, you will be pleased to know that, once configured, this part of the software can be administered by teachers and safeguarding leads – without the involvement of the IT team.

Your technicians will initially need to set up the Safeguarding Lead as a safeguarding administrator, who can then give other users access to help monitor/follow-up reported concerns using the Safeguarding module’s user interface. We’ve designed this to be clear and accessible to make everything as simple as possible.[[READ_MORE]]

So, what is a role?

All staff members who use the NetSupport DNA Console need to have their access rights (what we call “roles”) defined, so that they can use the part of the software they need.

Role types

In the main DNA Console, you will see there are three main types of roles:

  1. Administrator: This gives a user access to the main inventory and network management components but does not by default give full access to the eSafety/safeguarding options*.
  2. Operator: Operator roles allow you to pick which components and features are available to each individual user.
  3. Safeguarding roles: These are for staff who don’t require access to other DNA components.

There are two types:

  • Safeguarding Administrator (which allows the user full access to use the eSafety functions**), and
  • Safeguarding User (which only allows the user to see and respond to student concerns assigned to them).

* Administrators are usually IT technicians, so although they can see the log of concerns reported by students, the details are blanked out for confidentiality reasons.

** Safeguarding Administrators can use both the Phrase monitoring and Report a Concern features within the Safeguarding module, but can only access and change the settings for these if, when their role is created, the radio button “Associated Console User” is selected and then it is linked with a user with the appropriate access rights in the drop-down list.

Creating Safeguarding administrators and users

Staff who only need to access the Safeguarding module of NetSupport DNA can be initially set up as a new console user by a technician.

First, they’ll need to be registered in the system as a “contact” and then a role can be applied to them.

Here’s how:

  1. Select the eSafety icon and then select {Concerns} further along the ribbon.
  2. Click the eSafety icon again and select Contacts from the drop-down list.
  3. Click Add to create a new contact.
  4. The Contacts dialog will be displayed.
  5. Enter the details for your Safeguarding contact.
  6. To apply a role to them, select Create new Console User, select Safeguarding Administrator or Safeguarding User from the drop-down list and click Create.
  7. The new user will be created on the system with the appropriate role.

Now your member of teaching or safeguarding staff will be able to see and manage the appropriate safeguarding and eSafety features that have been assigned to them – and, if they are a safeguarding administrator, also add other members.

Need more info? Refer to our product manual for detailed instructions: Click here