You had a great business idea and you put it into practice. And after a lot of hard work, it took off – yessss! Over time, you employed more and more people to help and, now your business is really on the up, which means a growing pool of staff – plus additional technology to help run the business.

Large companies and corporations find IT Asset Management solutions indispensable. With thousands of employees’ devices to account for, an ITAM solution is essential to manage all the hardware through its lifecycle, ensure all of the different software licences are compliant, plus maintain system security, and so on. You couldn’t possibly do it manually and remain efficient.

But that doesn’t mean that ITAM solutions aren’t valuable for much smaller businesses. They are.

We’ve created NetSupport DNA specifically for small and medium sized enterprises. It’s a complete ITAM solution that’s designed to be flexible enough to expand with a growing business like yours and will fit you whether you’re a 50-man band or a 250-man band.

It has all the features you’d expect: from the staples of hardware/software inventory and software distribution, all the way through to the innovative stuff like energy monitoring/power management, endpoint security and proactive alerting. So it can automatically help you look after your technology, while you get on with more important things!

It’s quick to install and easy to use, with clear, logical dashboards to display all the information you need at a glance.

Need more detail?

Find out from our whitepaper how NetSupport DNA could help your growing business. Download it here: