NetSupport’s classroom management software, NetSupport School, has been selected as the solution of choice to be pre-installed on over 695,000 education devices as part of the Digital Literacy Programme in Kenya. A Ministry of Education-led initiative, it aims to place free technology into the hands of primary school pupils across the country to educate them using the benefits of computer-led learning.

With the pilot project now complete, the programme is launching across Kenya. Responsible for implementing the full project, Portuguese technology design company, JP – Inspiring Knowledge (JP-IK), has chosen the award-winning NetSupport School to be bundled with the devices to allow the Kenyan schools to provide a high-quality learning environment for their students in technology-led teaching and learning – as well as being able to support and manage school devices via the built-in Technicians’ Console.

As a complete classroom management solution, NetSupport School provides teachers with a range of tools tohelp maintain students’ focus and enhance their learning experience. With monitor and control features such as blocking and viewing students’ screens, to encouraging collaboration with screen sharing, group chats, file distribution and more, NetSupport School provides a complete set of tools to ensure both teachers and students benefit from the technology. The collection of dedicated assessment options includes the unique Q+A module which allows one-to-one, group and peer assessment for teachers to assess students’ understanding – plus the Student Journal revision aid helps with post-lesson review or can be shared with absent students to ensure they do not miss out on any key learning points.

Jorge Sá Couto, Chairman of JP-IK said: “NetSupport School was an obvious choice to include in our Education software offer, mainly because of its feature-rich content. Throughout the pilot trial, the teachers found the real-time interactive features incredibly useful, especially when collaborating with students. In addition, the assessment tools are invaluable in creating different dynamics within the classroom. NetSupport School is the most suitable solution for JP-IK and Digital Literacy Programme”.

By the end of the project in March 2017, the bundle will have been installed by JP-IK in over 13,500 classrooms; they will have prepared and trained approximately 33,000 teachers; and will have impacted over 695,000 students.