When you purchase NetSupport DNA (Education Edition) Pack B, you also have access to our market-leading classroom management solution, NetSupport School. Together, the two solutions provide a single answer to managing technology in the classroom and across the school, whilst complementing each other perfectly – not least in the area of safeguarding and eSafety, with each solution’s features supporting and augmenting those of the other.

Our new white paper, entitled "Meaningful Assessment and Quality Collaboration", examines the role that technology can play in [[READ_MORE]] delivering and enhancing collaboration and assessment in the classroom.

The paper’s author is Natalie Nezhati, an educational content consultant and college teacher of English. With a particular interest in education technology, her articles have been appeared in publications such as The Times Educational Supplement (TES), EducationTechnology.co.uk and University Business Magazine. She specifically relates the use of NetSupport School’s educational tools to Ofsted best practice and recommendations, as well as demonstrating how technology can drive achievement in IT-led lessons across all levels.

You can read and download the full white paper here: www.netsupportschool.com