The new version of NetSupport DNA is here… with some great new features included!

This update introduces new functionality for both Corporate and Education Editions – so there’s something for everyone.

Here’s an overview of what’s new: [[READ_MORE]]


Real-time monitoring

The all-new Explorer mode provides a real-time overview of all PCs on the network, highlighting which PCs have current notifications and any active polices ensuring operators can identify and resolve issues quickly. Selected PCs can be viewed in three formats – Icon, Details or Thumbnail view – and these can be refreshed at time intervals of your choice, e.g. every five or ten seconds and so on. In addition, Privacy modes can now be set to provide data protection and confidentiality.

Enhanced safeguarding

In addition, for our NetSupport DNA Education Edition customers, we’ve added loads more features which have been requested by safeguarding leads from around the world.

The Keyword and Phrase Monitoring feature provides insight into and alerts from any activity by a student that might suggest they are engaged in activity that would place them at risk. More details/context of triggered safeguarding keywords can now be reviewed, with the results printed, saved, emailed or screen grabbed to forward to a colleague to follow up on – plus details of which staff have viewed the event.  A Word Cloud is also created for each safeguarding category, highlighting trending terms and providing further details on the entry.

The Report a Concern feature allows students to report concerns directly and discreetly to nominated school staff and now comes with the facility for students to attach documents to their report to evidence the details of their concern. In the meantime, the online resources and helpline list gives them additional options to access help independently. Safeguarding staff can also now flag ‘at risk’ students on the system so they can be easily identified and a history of their concerns can be viewed.

And more…

There are also some great additions to DNA’s Power Management capabilities, from scheduling PC power-on and power-off times, to inactivity monitoring, recognising public holidays and much, much more.

See for yourself

To make it easy for you to see how the new and existing functionality could work for you, we’ve even made you a video summary. Click here to take a look!