In the third part of our series on the new safeguarding features in the latest release of NetSupport DNA, we turn our attention to students who are classed as ‘vulnerable’ or ‘at-risk’.

‘Vulnerable’ students

Safeguarding staff asked us if there was a way that they could easily identify these students within NetSupport DNA in order to keep a closer eye on them and ensure support is given when needed.

So we added a feature whereby staff can mark on the system those students who are potentially at risk, e.g. they may have been bullied in the past, or have had [[READ_MORE]] challenging circumstances to deal with at home. These records are then grouped together in a separate folder, so you can monitor them more easily without having to keep searching through multiple lists or folders for them.

History of concerns

Staff also wanted to be able to track the history of a student’s requests for support. So within this latest update of NetSupport DNA, Safeguarding users can now see a History of concerns. By simply selecting a concern for the student you wish to view and clicking “History,” displays a detailed list –allowing you to see in calendar format all concerns the student has raised by day, week or month. It also shows any previous screenshots or documents the student has attached to their concerns – and staff can make notes on how the concern was handled, e.g. whether parents were notified, or whether students have been spoken to about poor behaviour etc.

We’ve made sure that the Safeguarding module of NetSupport DNA has an enhanced level of encryption and security to ensure that Safeguarding Users can only view concerns that have been assigned to them (unless, of course, they are authorised to view all concerns) – so that students’ privacy is preserved throughout the whole process.

Learn more

We’ve made a video walk-through of these features for you, so you can actually see them in action. Click here to take a look and see how they can work for your school.