Did you know…that the very first barcode scanned was on a pack of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit gum?
That was way back in 1974. Things have come a long way since then: barcodes are everywhere. Shops, of course; tickets for sport and music events; mail and parcel tracking; cinemas; library books – the list of applications is endless but, one thing’s for sure, barcodes are super-efficient and let us manage and track items pretty effortlessly. Think supermarkets: fancy going back to the days when the cashier had to enter the price of each item manually? No, didn’t think so!

In NetSupport DNA, it makes a whole lot of sense for [[READ_MORE]] us to use barcodes – or, more precisely, QR codes – to keep track of hardware, so you know exactly where your devices are, what’s installed on them, whether they’ve been moved and so on. And this applies whether you’re in a school, college or corporate setting.

NetSupport DNA gives you the means to print your own QR code labels, while allowing you to enter your own custom details – like the inclusion of contact info for the IT Support team so that teachers and support staff have it to hand, and so on. It’s easily done from the Tools tab on the home screen, where you can enter the details you need into the dialog box and print the labels off once you’re happy with them.

Once the labels are applied to the each of the school’s devices, this is where the free, supporting NetSupport DNA Mobile Console app comes in. Installed on a smartphone or tablet, you can use the app to scan a device’s QR code on the go and instantly see detailed hardware and software inventories, as well as refer to the device’s history of hardware changes, plus any software installations or removals. And if the device doesn’t have a label on it, you can call up the electronic Agent that’s already installed on the machine and then use the app to scan the screen version of the code to access the information you need.

Outside of that, the app also highlights any new PC alerts that have triggered across the network – giving you immediate notice of any problems, wherever you are on the school premises at the time.

Asset tagging in this way not only helps IT teams keep track of hardware on a day-to-day basis, it’s also a big plus to help you manage your school’s technology through its lifecycle. At any one time, you’ll know exactly which items require repair or replacement; which ones require security updates (minimising risk for your network); and you’ll also be able to take measures to reduce staff and student downtime, thanks to the data gathered by NetSupport DNA – allowing you to better manage and plan the maintenance tasks required across the school network.