… this one is for you!

Did you know that we have an extensive knowledgebase of technical support documents that can help you with all sorts of aspects regarding the setup and configuration of any of your NetSupport solutions? And they’re proper technical documents, written by proper technicians – in proper technical language!

We’ve just published a couple of new ones for NetSupport DNA (Education Edition) to help you [[READ_MORE]] integrate it into your school’s Active Directory-based network. Most schools tend to be set up this way, so take a look and see if they can help you:

How to switch the DNA Console hierarchy to display PCs and users in the AD container layout

The first document explains how NetSupport DNA integrates with Active Directory – enabling you to configure the PCs and users within the NetSupport DNA console to mirror their relative position within the Active Directory container structure.

You’ll need to have your NetSupport DNA server installed on a machine in the Active Directory domain. Then, any changes that are made within the AD structure are automatically reflected within NetSupport DNA.

Read the full article here.

Installing the NetSupport DNA Agent via Active Directory Group Policy software deployment

This technical document explains the steps to follow in order to deploy the NetSupport DNA Agent out using Active Directory. It also gives you details of how to install the agent via “Computer Configuration" and/or "User Configuration".

Read the full article here.

And if you’re keen to see other documents in the support knowledgebase, you can access them here.