USB sticks are fast, convenient and can hold a shedload of data. Which is all well and good if they’re being used properly in your school environment.

But what if students bring in games or apps on a stick and run them on the school’s computers? Or install unauthorised software? There’s a real danger they could compromise your systems by introducing malware or viruses – which can spell trouble for your network, not to mention cause headaches (or worse) for the IT team.

What you need is a way to manage these kinds of situations. And NetSupport DNA has a stack of quick and easy options for you. [[READ_MORE]]

By enabling the product’s USB device control, you can control memory stick use across the whole school, or specific forms/year groups, departments, staff or students. You can allow users full access, read-only access – or, alternatively, block all access or prevent applications from being run from a memory stick.

You can also authorise individual sticks for a day, a week or indefinitely – which is great, because then you don’t have to remember to “un-authorise” them again. Users can even be authorised remotely, where appropriate – saving everyone even more time!

So, with DNA’s endpoint security in place, you can ensure that an extra layer of security has been applied to your school’s technology to keep your staff and students productive and your systems safe.

Click here to watch our video on how to set up USB memory stick controls.