The amount of technology hardware reaching its end-of-life date is growing globally at an alarming rate, with an eight per cent increase year-on-year, according to BCC Research. So it is becoming increasingly important for organisations to get the most out of their hardware before it is retired – not only for them, but for the environment too.

NetSupport DNA can help organisations to document and manage their IT assets as they progress through the asset lifecycle: from acquisition to installation and configuration, usage, updating and reassignment – through to decommissioning and disposal. DNA’s comprehensive features ensure that detailed data on each asset is stored and available for reporting at any time to inform managers as they make strategic IT decisions – and enable them to get the most out of their assets; all without incurring unnecessary extra expenditure.

According to the BBC, Japan may use some of the gold, silver and copper recovered from its mountain of technology waste for the Olympic medals for the 2020 Games that will be held in Tokyo, but, in order to harvest the amount of metals it needs, it will require recovered metals from other countries’ tech waste too – so who knows: your company’s retired assets could be playing an important part in the next Olympics!