According to The Guardian, children as young as five are using sexualised language and behaviour more frequently in the classroom.

One teacher reported: “We’ve had children as young as 10 getting on to social media forums, where they can have conversations and then have been sent explicit photographs” – while a secondary school supply teacher said: “During my seven years of teaching, there have been a number of serious sexual assaults, including a possible rape. As a matter of course, this information is not openly shared among staff and, therefore, possibly allowed to continue unchecked.”

An inquiry into sexual violence starts today after a recent study revealed that many incidents went unreported and others were “brushed off” by teachers. The inquiry is expected to raise the issue of mandatory SRE, which was rejected by the government last year despite a large support base.

Providing schools with the tools to safeguard and monitor students effectively is NetSupport DNA. Its keyword monitoring feature monitors what students are typing, searching for or copying and flags when an ‘event’ is triggered. Details of who, when and where are provided, along with a screen shot of the activity – while a list of which teachers have already viewed the incident is available to ensure it is followed-up appropriately. Additionally, the keywords highlight trends within a school, allowing it to provide further lessons around the topic and notify staff. Further tools include internet metering, blocking webcams and much more.