More children aged between 12 and 15 are contacting the charity’s Childline service worried about online abuse and grooming, reports the BBC. Of these, more than half were girls and counselling sessions rose by 24% to 3,716 from 2015-16.

Described as “a global problem” by the Home Office, the internet can “expose young people to groomers who trawl social networks and online game forums exploiting any vulnerabilities they may find” explains NSPCC chief executive Peter Wanless. Highlighting these issues, the charity’s new Listen To Your Selfie campaign aims to help young people recognise the signs of grooming and unhealthy relationships.

Additionally, schools can help tackle the problem by using appropriate monitoring and control tools to help safeguard students using school technology. From internet metering to keyword monitoring, the safeguarding module within NetSupport DNA allows schools to identify and react swiftly to any concerning activity. With its easy to use reporting features, schools can quickly see trending issues and ensure staff receive the appropriate training to address the issues in every subject area where suitable– as well as through dedicated subjects such as PSHE.