Figures from Arvato reveal that 45% of staff waste time from experiencing delays with IT issues, whilst 29% of staff are logged into Facebook and Twitter during working hours. Such distractions can have a negative impact on company productivity levels and consequently affect revenues as, “time is money”.

NetSupport’s solutions can help businesses tackle such problems. For instance, Remote Control solution, NetSupport Manager, helps deliver secure remote support to multiple locations to allow issues to be solved quickly, ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum. Additionally, ITAM solution, NetSupport DNA, helps companies keep track of and manage their IT assets with ease. One of its many features includes internet metering, where the company can set which websites are unavailable during certain hours of the day. Additionally, its proactive alerting tools help alert the company to any issues – such as a user uninstalling antivirus software – and allow technicians to take action before it escalates into a larger and more disruptive problem.