A study by IT consultancy, Crayon, based on research undertaken by independent analysts at Vanson Bourne, highlights ‘a black hole of risk’ for firms regarding software audits. Of the 575 US and European firms interviewed, 46% said they were found non-compliant in a software licence audit. The report found that the average penalty for non-compliance with software licensing already tops USD$750,909 (£611,008). Exacerbating the problem, it found that on average, companies spend 129 days to prepare for an audit – which is why many choose to forego the process.

One solution that makes the auditing process quick and easy is IT asset Management software, NetSupport DNA. Its software module is designed to help businesses manage licence compliance and reduce software overspend by accurately reporting installed software and proactively identifying PCs with software that has no or low usage. It supports the ongoing management of all software licences for each department − recording suppliers, purchase and invoice details, department or cost centre allocation and the tracking of maintenance contracts as well as storing PDF copies of any supporting documents. NetSupport DNA also includes as standard; energy monitoring; power management; USB endpoint security; application and internet metering; a flexible alerting suite; and an easy-to-use software distribution module and much more!