Information age has identified three areas of impact: increased connectivity, efficiency and new ways of working.

As more companies adopt BYOD policies which encourage members of staff to use their own devices at work, they will need wider access to company data via mobile devices and remote locations. This additional connectivity brings with it the need for extra security.

New technology also brings tools to help increase productivity by streamlining processes. For example, accessing data at your fingertips can help save time by reducing manual tasks. It can also highlight areas to act upon – which can lead to better ways of working and greater efficiencies.

NetSupport DNA is one such technology which enhances businesses success. This IT asset management solution tracks, monitors and manages IT assets across the network. From proactive warning alerts of issues across the network through to device auto-discovery; bulk software distribution; custom enterprise reporting; and free mobile apps so staff can access key data on the move, it save businesses time while increasing security. Plus, with its constant supply of real-time statistics to help manage assets and avoid system downtime and its associated costs, NetSupport DNA ensures organisations achieve a swift return on their investment.