The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) has assessed nearly 700,000 reports in 20 years, with more than 250,000 confirmed as showing the rape, sexual torture and sexual abuse of children. The IWF today (21 October, 2016), marks its 20th anniversary and launches the IWF Image Hash List – a revolutionary system that stops the upload, storage and sharing of “potentially millions” of child sexual abuse images on the internet. By using the Image Hash List on their systems, internet companies across the globe will be able to stop the upload, sharing and storage of these hideous images.

Helping to identify and support children who may be suffering from abuse, IWF member, NetSupport, uses keyword lists provided by the IWF in its ITAM solution, NetSupport DNA, to track what students are typing, copying and searching for – and flags when an ‘event’ is triggered. Details of who, when and where are provided, along with a screen shot of the activity. Additionally, the keywords highlight trends within a school, allowing them to provide further lessons around the topic and notify staff. Further tools include internet metering, blocking of webcams and much more.