From day to day, across a school or campus, there are likely to be a large number of PCs being used at any one time.

NetSupport DNA gives school technicians an easy way to keep an eye on them all and spot or pre-empt problems via its Explorer mode. This shows a real-time summary of all PC activity that they can monitor in a choice of three formats: icon, details or thumbnail views.

For this top tip, we’re going to talk about preserving privacy when using the thumbnail view. This view allows [[READ_MORE]]technicians to change the sizes of the thumbnails and zoom in where required in order to monitor activity. However, what if those screens belong to members of the senior leadership team and contain confidential personnel records? That’s not the sort of information that should be potentially viewable by anyone apart from the person whose PC it is…

So it’s handy to know that you can keep any department’s screens private and confidential by employing the Privacy Mode. This easy-to-implement feature simply blurs out the text on the thumbnails of designated screens to render it unreadable – allowing the technicians monitoring the system to continue do their job, but not be able to see specific details.

How to employ Privacy Mode
1.    Click the Explorer icon in the ribbon
2.    Click on the department you want to provide privacy to in the tree view on the left-hand side
3.    Next, select the Tools tab – and then Settings. The settings options for the whole of DNA appear.
4.    Select Explorer view, then Privacy Mode – and don’t forget to save!


Click here to watch our video on more features of Explorer mode