Filing is not the most exciting task in the world: agreed. But we all know it’s so much better to at least try to be organised when it comes to yearly renewals, so you can put your hands on the necessary paperwork just when you need to.

Keeping track of lease and maintenance details within schools with lots of devices can sometimes be quite difficult, with the need to reconcile the physical or software assets (tended to by the IT team) with the renewal paperwork, which is sometimes also required by the business manager or finance team. And, with both teams having to access the documents, there’s potential for them to go walkabout…

Fortunately, NetSupport DNA allows you to create and assign lease and maintenance details to individual PCs, so they can’t get lost or misplaced and the IT team can refer to them as necessary. Documents can be assigned to any number of PCs, so if you have, let’s say, a batch of 50 laptops that you leased together, you can attach a PDF file of the lease agreement to each of those 50 devices.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Click on the Hardware Inventory icon drop-down arrow and select {Contracts} from the menu.
  2. The Contract Manager dialog will appear. You can see any existing contracts in the Contracts drop-down list.
  3.  Enter the name for the contract record.
  4. Select the contract type from the drop-down list – Leasing or Maintenance – and choose whether the contract is active or not.
  5. Add the details of the company you leased the hardware from or select a previously-entered company from the drop-down list. 
  6. Enter the start and expiry dates, cost and any other information relating to the contract.
  7.  In the External Document Source section, attach files relating to the contract record (PDFs, emails, Word documents, etc.) by clicking the box with three dots in it. You can see which files are already attached to the record by clicking the arrow to view the drop-down menu list.
  8. To associate PCs, printers or any device with a DNA Agent installed on it with the contract, click Assign PCs and, from the tree view, select the required devices.
  9.  Click Apply to save your details and documents.
  10. Give yourself a thumbs up for being super-efficient!


At a later date, when you want to check which documents you’ve linked to each device,  simply go to the User details dialog or view the Hardware Inventory information window – or read the attached documents via the Contracts dialog.

Click here to watch our video tour on contracts management.