Earlier in 2016, the “Committee on Prevention of Student Suicides” was set up in response to a number of suicides amongst students in Hong Kong.

Its findings were released in November 2016 and identified multiple factors that contribute to students taking their own lives – and nearly all suffered more than one single cause. Additionally, they identified the lack of knowledge and service gaps on suicide prevention.

One solution they presented is to provide ways students can seek help and enable the school to detect early signs to help intervene. With other countries also encountering high rates of student suicides such as Japan, the UK, and the USA, for example, schools are looking for solutions to help them monitor, identify and support students with safeguarding issues.

NetSupport DNA contains a safeguarding module which contains multi-language keyword monitoring to flag students copying, searching and typing any ‘safeguarding’ keyword, while the Report a Concern feature allows students to report their issues to a trusted member of staff. Additional tools also include internet metering, blocking webcams and much more.