According to industry analyst Gartner, the average company is over-licensed on around 30% of its software inventory – and, typically, at least 30% under-licensed in other areas.

One way to reduce these costs is to recycle software licences. Recycling requires metering to spot unused, underused or misused software. For example, a user may have a piece of software installed but never actually use it — or perhaps the user only requires a viewer.

ITAM solutions such as NetSupport DNA identify all of the software installed on each PC. This inventory is used centrally so that a full software licensing schedule can be maintained – again, with supporting accounting information. DNA goes a step further: it also meters application use, so not only do you know where software is installed, you also know when it is used and who by.

NetSupport DNA will also show you which licences are not being used, where they can be better deployed − and can even control application use so that, for example, only members of a certain department can use the publishing software and so on.