Last year, Childline held 2,796 counselling sessions on gender identity and gender dysphoria, with children as young as 11. These sessions have more than doubled since 2012/13 as more children told counsellors they felt unhappy with their birth gender.

To help support these children, the NSPCC outlines advice for parents which includes: asking gentle questions; listening to them and letting them know you’re not judging or blaming them; letting them know that there are support groups and medical professionals who they can talk to. For more details click here.

Helping to provide schools the tools to identify, monitor and support children with safeguarding issues is NetSupport’s ITAM solution, NetSupport DNA. Its built-in safeguarding module contains features such as keyword monitoring and tools which enables students to discreetly report their concern with a staff member of their choice, to name but a few.