This year at Bett, Russell Prue, presenting for NetSupport Radio, interviewed a host of top education experts to uncover the latest issues and topics within the education sector.

Keynote speaker, Dame Alison Peacock explained the need for teachers to join together to discuss and debate areas within the teaching profession and to share best practice. “We need to change the conversation to one of positivity, of valuing each other, of finding the good,” she said. As CEO of the brand new Chartered College for Teaching, Alison explains the organisation offers a collective voice for teachers and one that has the real potential to raise morale and the status of the teaching profession through collaboration.

Professor Steve Wheeler, Senior Lecturer in Information and Computer Technology at the University of Plymouth, spoke to NetSupport Radio about the obstacles to technology’s complete adoption in schools, as the digital divide is evident in education despite edtech being present now for many years. In his fascinating chat with Russell Prue, he states, “We have to embed these tools and technologies into the curriculum so that they become mundane and everyday”.

Lee Jepson, Director of IT for Lead Academy Trust in Nottingham, talked to NetSupport Radio about the Trust’s expansion to its current remit of managing IT for 64 schools and the challenges of managing an IT estate of such proportion. “We looked at different solutions and different software…” he explained. “NetSupport has been a catalyst to helping us grow because we can manage all of our sites from one location and make sure they’re all compliant from a security point of view.”

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