So, our development and testing teams have been spending night and day slaving over hot keyboards in their relentless quest for perfection and, as a result, it’s not so much “time to change”, but “time to change it up” for NetSupport DNA as we release version 4.40!Yes, indeed – we’ve now packed even more features into what is already a solution that’s practically bursting at the seams with tools for schools to maintain and track their IT assets while looking after students’ wellbeing as they use school technology. We’ve listened to your feedback – so keep it coming! – and have incorporated features that schools want and need to use.
System management

In a large school, technicians can’t be running from classroom to classroom or building to building sorting out the technology; it’s just not practical. So, to save you even more time, we’ve enhanced the remote control element of NetSupport DNA and added a remote PowerShell, Command Prompt and Registry Editor to make remote device management even easier – not to mention a lot quicker!










Not only this, but school security is boosted by the addition of the powerful system audit component. This beauty will track all selected console activity by staff, records when policies or settings are changed, entries are added or deleted or where rights are changed for any DNA user – so technicians have a record of what has happened and when. It’s another really useful data-gathering tool to help you plan and optimise how your school’s technology is used.


We’ve also enhanced DNA’s query tool with new totalling options to give you more flexible custom reporting. Questions now include a range of new options for totalling custom reports, like setting a max value. This helps to identify the largest value within your custom search more efficiently and saves you time by avoiding a manual search.

As always with NetSupport DNA, protection and privacy is key, so the addition of a secure vault feature to store serial numbers, passwords or any other confidential IT data raises the product’s security capabilities even further. Access to the vault can be restricted to specific console users and activity can be recorded against the central DNA audit trail – so you can be sure there’ll be no unauthorised meddling…











We’ve also delivered an important addition to our safeguarding module by creating an “urgent” category in the keyword and phrase monitoring priority list. This tool already gives teachers a valuable insight into students’ activity by allowing schools to set individual severity levels to control the outcome when a word or phrase is matched: from a simple log of the activity that triggers an alert, through to capturing a screenshot of the triggered event. With the addition of this category, NetSupport DNA will now automatically record a video of the student’s screen activity when triggered – allowing safeguarding staff to see in detail what they’ve been up to and allow them to take action more quickly. In these turbulent times, we feel this is a really important addition to the already-comprehensive keyword and phrase monitoring component of DNA and helps safeguarding leads stay ahead of the game.












To further help schools with a cohort of students who are learning English as an additional language (EAL), we’ve added new language packs to our database of pre-supplied safeguarding keywords and phrases. So, in addition to English, French, German, Spanish, Czech, Slovak, Romanian and Portuguese languages, NetSupport DNA now also includes packs for Latvian, Lithuanian, Urdu and Polish – allowing safeguarding leads to further extend their safeguarding provision to a wider group of students, as the packs allow them to see and monitor phonetic representations of what students are typing in languages other than English.

Extended multi-site support

One of the major plus points for linked schools is that NetSupport DNA allows IT managers to have a complete overview of all of them – as well as see and work with each site separately. So now, for larger multi-site schools, academies and trusts, NetSupport DNA’s enhanced data queue allows incoming data from the PCs throughout the various schools to be quickly processed by the server, reducing the lag time between them and the main console. This ensures the console data is always refreshed and you can see an up-to-date overview of all activity – no matter how many IT assets you’re managing.