Two UK schools are taking part in a three-month pilot scheme where teachers will wear Police-style body cameras in the classroom. The camera can be turned on as often as the teacher requires.

Tom Ellis, a criminal justice researcher from the University of Portsmouth explains: “Where the teacher feels there’s a threat to themselves or to another student, then there will be evidence of that incident.”

Also supporting schools in monitoring and evidencing safeguarding issues is IT Asset Management solution, NetSupport DNA. With its in-built safeguarding, it is schools’ eyes and ears as it monitors the school network. If a keyword that has been typed or copied by a student is matched to the database, the event is captured immediately. The capture is time-stamped and logged – and, if it’s a higher severity match, a screenshot or a video clip is included so staff know the full background to the event.

In addition, an innovative word cloud highlights trending topics across the school or specific cohorts and helps staff to put incidents into a broader context. Appropriate members of staff can be alerted through email, real-time pop-ups or summary reports.

Equally, students can reach out for help through NetSupport DNA by reporting their concerns in confidence to a trusted member of staff via the Report a Concern option.