For those of you who already use classroom management solution NetSupport School, here’s a little bit of update news for you. And for those of you who don’t yet, maybe this will tempt you!

The mobile companion to NetSupport School’s desktop Tutor application for Windows is the native Windows 10 Tutor App. It’s designed to be installed on Windows tablets and touch-enabled devices, and it’s already helping teachers create new possibilities for mobile teaching and learning – and increase students’ engagement in the lesson.

Windws 10 Tutor app Power Management feature.

You can already do a lot with the app (share lesson details, objectives and outcomes; use a student register; monitor student screens; student help requests; integrate with Office 365 and much more), but this latest release of updates means it’s even more flexible. Teachers can now use NetSupport School’s Power Management feature to simultaneously power on/off or log in/out or reboot selected classroom computers direct from the app, to make the most of teaching time, rather than spending valuable minutes at the start of each class ensuring everyone is logged in. And thanks to the addition of a virtual whiteboard with a full set of drawing tools, you can work collaboratively with students and encourage more creativity and participation in the lesson.

Windws 10 Tutor app colour coded Help Request feature.

Crucially, you can maintain students’ focus and avoid disruption to the lesson by preventing data being copied to or from USB storage and CDR/DVD devices – and you now also have control over muting the sound at the student machines. You can also minimise or close any non-lesson-related applications that are open direct from the app – and updates to the Student Help Request feature means that you’ll be able to see that requests are now colour-coded to highlight their priority, so you’ll know which student to go to first.

The new, extended platform support for students using Chrome OS and Apple Mac systems means that the classroom becomes even more inclusive with regard to technology, as you can teach direct from the Windows 10 Tutor app and yet still interact with students’ devices on these systems.

The NetSupport School Windows 10 Tutor app is available free from the Windows App Store.

For those of you who don’t yet use NetSupport School, why not have a browse of the website to see how it could help your school? Click here to learn more and to download a free trial copy.