Young people are increasingly using technology for a growing number of purposes, and the ways that they access and use the internet are constantly evolving. It’s vital to understand these changes if schools are to stay one step ahead in the challenge to: a) keep students safe while they use technology at school, and b) educate them to use the internet with caution and be aware of online dangers in the real world.

Recently, Peterborough Safeguarding Children Board (in NetSupport’s local area) decided to investigate children’s device and internet usage habits further in order to determine whether messages about staying safe and the awareness of online dangers that are taught in schools were getting through.

The report’s authors concluded that the majority of young people do know how to stay safe online; however, they did not all heed the advice all of the time.

NetSupport DNA is one solution that helps schools to gain insight into what students are talking about. Its keyword and phrase monitoring tool, which is constantly updated with new terms, highlights to schools what topics are trending, allowing them to ensure staff are aware and they have the right support in place. Other tools include offering students ways to reach out for help to trusted teachers and allowing staff to keep a watchful eye over their most vulnerable pupils, and much more.

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