A review by England’s behaviour tsar, Tom Bennett, shows that poor behaviour in schools has been under-estimated in official data kept by Ofsted, reports BBC News.

It found head teachers deliberately not reporting behaviour issues in the hope of gaining better Ofsted ratings.

In the report, Mr Bennett suggests strong leadership is key to ensuring better behaviour, and called for head teachers to be offered training in how to devise all-encompassing behaviour policies. Schools with particular problems should be funded to provide internal units to deal with troubled pupils, he added.

Technology can play a part in providing school staff with preliminary indicators of behavioural problems, especially if students are searching on the internet or collaborating via school technology to cause disruption. NetSupport DNA’s Keyboard and Phrase monitoring feature will highlight any terms typed, copied or searched for by students that occur in it is extensive pre-supplied database of safeguarding topics – or those that have been added to the database by the school. This way, staff can be alerted to events, possibly even before they occur, giving them time to take the appropriate action.