Chillwell School has been using classroom management solution, NetSupport School, to help manage technology in the classroom. Information Systems Manager, Matt Lucas, explains why they have found it such an essential tool.

“NetSupport School is really useful in ensuring students are listening at key times in a lesson and therefore significantly aids learning outcomes. It can also be used as a great assessment tool by creating and sending quizzes or randomly picking students to answer a question using the Q+A feature.

Other features it offers that I found valuable go beyond blocking students from accessing the internet, or blocking selected websites. I use it to communicate with students for instance sending them messages on how to improve their work, making announcements to the whole class, or displaying the lesson content I am presenting. The feature of sharing/exhibiting a selected screen is fantastic, as I can show good examples of students’ work to the whole class which promotes students collaboration.

NetSupport is also very useful for behaviour management. In addition to controlling or locking their screens to gain their immediate attention, I can also limit their access to unwanted websites and only allow the websites they need for their work to be enabled.

Having used NetSupport for over 10 years in my teaching career, it has truly become an essential tool in my classroom routine.”

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