Hot on the heels of February’s update, NetSupport School’s native Windows 10 Tutor app (the mobile companion to NetSupport School’s desktop Tutor application) now has even more features. Designed for installation on Windows tablets and touch-enabled devices, the app is already helping teachers create new possibilities for mobile teaching and learning.

The app now includes support for Microsoft Surface Dial and displays an accessible radial menu of common NetSupport School features – including lock and unlock screens; mute and unmute sound; and the ability to toggle the student toolbar on and off – to allow teachers to implement them instantly, thereby eliminating the opportunity for students to go off-task.

For those teachers who move between different Windows Tutor machines or who want to share pre-defined approved and restricted website lists with their colleagues, there is now the ability to import and export their own lists, rather than have to set them up from scratch each time they move to a different PC; a really useful time-saving tool.

Another handy feature to ensure students see all of their work is the ability for teachers to specify a custom destination folder when sending/collecting files or transferring documents or resources to students’ computers. Now there’s no excuse for not being able to find files!

In addition to the new features, the app also allows you to share lesson details, objectives and outcomes; use a student register; monitor student screens; student help requests; and much more!

The updated NetSupport School Windows 10 Tutor app is available free from the Windows App Store.