Richardson High School is the flagship high school of the Richardson Independent School District (RISD). With over 2700 students enrolled, the school needed a solution to help manage its ICT-led classrooms.

Shawn Alvarado, Resource Specialist/PC Technician, explains: “Our main challenge was to monitor how our students were using their computers and to make sure that they were all doing what was required in their lessons. Previously, we had no means to do this other than to physically check, but now the teacher can monitor all students’ screens from their own console.”

He continues: “We chose NetSupport School to help Teachers monitor student activity during their lessons, as well as saving time by carrying out file transfers (instead of having to give out papers manually); defining web permissions (approved and restricted lists to keep students safe); and locking their screens and keyboards to gain attention while the teacher speaks. Teachers and Technicians also use it to install and upgrade software.

“We have found that NetSupport School has saved us money and time. It has also increased productivity in that it forces students to stay on task, which means better engagement and learning for them. We also find the product performs well, with features being easily reached.

“[Overall], it’s really easy to use, which makes it quicker for teachers and technicians to get on board with it. We also found that NetSupport has great sales and tech support with amazing response times!”