A new report by the House of Lords’ Select Committee on Communications has taken the quest for stronger legislation surrounding children’s rights and privacy when using the internet to the next level – by making recommendations directly to the Government.

Supporting the Children’s Commissioner’s recommendations from her report in January, the “Growing up with the internet” report was released at the end of March this year and has looked in detail at every aspect of children’s interactions with the internet: from the devices and services they use; their time spent online; their rights of privacy and to have their data protected; their responsibilities and behaviour towards others – and how commercialisation should take account of young people’s online rights by actively requesting consent, imposing usage age limits and using plain language and much more.

In total, the report makes 38 recommendations – all of which would enhance children’s rights online and involve service providers, public services, schools and parents in helping to deliver the necessary protection and education to guide young people as they use the internet.