Cherry Fold Community Primary School is a large, two-form intake school in Burnley, Lancashire. With just under 400 children on their roll, of which many coming from different backgrounds and cultures, they needed to provide a protected space online for the students where they can explore and learn in safety.

Joanne Hughes, ICT Technician, explains “Some of our pupils speak English as an additional language, which has meant that traditionally it has been more difficult to monitor their activities when they’re online in class. The eSafety keywords and the phrase clouds in NetSupport DNA really help us with our safeguarding and monitoring of students’ online activities – especially as the solution helps us to monitor other community languages in addition to English. If students type any words of concern, we can see them instantly, which is great as it means we can respond quickly if we need to.

With NetSupport DNA, it’s easy to drill down and get the exact data you require when you need it. For example, when we want to monitor internet history, it’s easy to get to the information that you really need without having to sift through the excess – which makes the data more accessible and useable. It’s good to have the options provided by both solutions though.”

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