Based in the UK, and with three campuses, MidKent College is a further education college with 7,000-8,000 students per year.

Tim Hill, the Technical Support Manager, explains why NetSupport DNA was chosen to manage and support the college’s IT. He says: “The main reason we first looked at NetSupport DNA was for the ability to view and collect data on computer utilisation and how we can identify that our devices are being used effectively. Now, we can check we’re maximising the use of all of our devices and unused ones can be reallocated to a more relevant area where they will be used more effectively. So DNA has very much helped with device utilisation to help us manage our costs.”

NetSupport DNA also includes classroom management solution, NetSupport School, which is helping the college to deal with the management of its laptop trolleys – something it had struggled with in the past. In the previous model, there had been a teaching machine in each IT room that controlled the devices in that room. Tim Hill explains further: “Now, it’s set up in a more flexible way where tutors can start up NetSupport School directly from their own laptops and have a drop down list of all the classrooms to select from. In addition, they have the system set up so that each teacher “owns” their session and other tutors can’t intervene or join in. There had been concerns about this in the past, but with the settings available in NetSupport School, we have been able to implement a solution”.

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