Newquay Education Trust (NET) is a multi-academy Trust created in September 2014. After struggling to manage its school IT with other software products such as Impero, it swapped to NetSupport DNA and now uses 1,000 software licences, deployed across the Trust.

Mark Braham, Director of NET IT & Media Services explains: “Having used Impero across our secondary school estate for numerous years, we were once what could be considered a ‘happy customer’. In fact, before making the decision to implement the solution we conducted reviews of various other solutions and arrived at the decision it offered best value for us at the time. In recent years however, we became disillusioned with the solution for a number of reasons – high maintenance costs, a noticeable drop in the quality of support and, perhaps most importantly for us, a loss of functionality inside the product following product upgrades, which often then needed to be retrospectively patched. It was clear that we needed to review our position, not just from the teaching and learning side of functionality, but also from the network administration side, which was arguably used even more frequently.

“While other products in the marketplace were looked at, NetSupport DNA quickly became the clear front-runner. NetSupport’s solution approach differs from most in that they separate products, making a clear distinction between what is a teaching and learning tool, what is a technician’s tool, and what is a network management or safeguarding resource.”

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