Matthew Lynch from Education Week explores the future of classroom management and the need to find new and innovative ways to help teachers better manage their classrooms.

Singled out as a company who is doing an “excellent job of creating a comprehensive suite of applications designed to help teachers manage their classrooms, whilst helping schools maintain the school-wide learning environment”, NetSupport’s solutions are further evaluated.  

With classroom management solution, NetSupport School, “academic failure doesn’t stand a chance” explains Mr Lynch. With its collaboration, assessment, monitoring and control tools, teachers find it easier to tackle their biggest challenge of identifying and helping students who are at risk of falling behind academically. They can now write personalised lesson plans, create learning journals (that teachers can share with students), and gamify formative assessment with an assortment of collaborative activities. These features encourage student engagement and learning, allowing students to take ownership of their own education and construct their own knowledge.

Working either as a standalone solution or in tandem with NetSupport School, IT asset management and internet safety solution, NetSupport DNA not only helps administrators manage school IT but also contains “several features that place the odds in the educator’s favour in helping them recognize and respond proactively to instances of bullying and cyber bullying”. Its mix of proactive and reactive features such as keyword monitoring and its supporting keyword clouds, helps schools keep an eye on student activity and any trending issues. Students can also access help independently with its tailored list of support resources and its ‘report a concern’ tools allowing students to report their concerns to a trusted member of staff.

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