In Academy Today, Al Kingsley, Managing Director of NetSupport, explains why internet monitoring alone is not enough to ensure the wellbeing of students.

He says: “The use of technology in schools has provided students with a whole new way to connect and communicate with each other and their teachers, in addition to being a great source for learning. However, on the flipside, access to the wider internet may mean that there is a temptation for students to access websites with inappropriate content – or use it as a platform where negative behaviour can escalate, such as for cyberbullying or other undesirable activities. 

“Just as technology plays its part in spreading such problems in schools, it also has a significant role to play in quashing them. The use of online filtering and monitoring tools to monitor students’ internet activity has been an Ofsted requirement for schools for some time now, but it alone doesn’t provide the bigger picture of what’s really happening.”

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